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Move testing data to the proper directories
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In the transition to the new MITK directory structure, apparently the sample dataset lungs.vtk has been lost.

It is used as test data in the MITK tutorial.

Was this in some way intentional or should the dataset be reintegrated into the repository?

Other example data files have been removed as well, maybe not all are relevant. Here is the list:


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The missing files are in MitkExt/Testing/Data . I guess the nrrd files will be used in the diffusion module so we could maybe move them there. lungs.vtk was only used in the application testing of 0.12, not in the unit tests. I will remove the release flag of the bug and rename it.

Party task is to find out which tests need which data.

Testing bugs are part of their respective modules -> changing component to other, please assign appropriate component.

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