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2D rendering without color does not work as expected
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  • load Pic3D
  • open "Property list" view
  • uncheck the "use color" property

--> the 2D render windows go black, the image planes in 3D show the correct content for the 2D windows

Explanation: the "use color" property is supposed to determine whether rendering should use the image's "color" property to generate a "black to chosen-color"-LUT. If the property is disabled, a built-in default-rainbow LUT is used.
Although this is not a perfect solution (having general LUT support for 2D-rendering would be better), it should work consistently

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Screenshot of the problem

the imageMapper2D sets for rendering iil4mitk mode to COLOR_ALPHA with lookuptable.

however in the iil4mitk source base, there is no support for that mode,

i added it to iil4mitk and lookuptable work as expected in 2d renderwindows

[SVN revision 21570]
FIX (#3352): iil4mitk support for lookuptables with alpha