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Write a test for mitkNavigationToolReader
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There is no test atm

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NavigationToolReader is tested within the test of NavigtionToolStorageDeserializer.

But we need to add a test cases which tests invalid and empty tool storages.

The following test cases should be added:

For reading in:

  • a filename, which does not exist
  • a file with unknown filetype
  • a zip-file but with no toolstorage in it

For writing out:

  • set deserializer to NULL
  • an empty toolstorage

[e5da1d]: Merge branch 'bug-8898-write_a_test_for_mitkNavigationToolReader'

Merged commits:

2012-07-19 10:34:04 Anja Groch [bb67d3]
Added some more test cases and one test data file.

Except for the test case "set deserializer to NULL" all the above mentioned test cases should be covered now.
Still TODO: merge with new exception handling from Ilyas.

The branch was merged in the meta T12297 of the IGT exception handling. Thus it is already in the master. Closing this bug.