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Provide different lookup tables (LUT) for use in MITK rendering
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It would be nice to have different LUT in MITK to visualize colored images (e.g. PET).

We looked at the implementation of the LUT in MITK and decided to use the
implementation vtkLookupTableManager of the Inria3D project (BSD licence). The
interface of this class does not match the MITK style so we adapt it as
proposed in the Wiki specification page.

This implementation has already 23 different LUTs with names and provide
vtkLookupTable objects which can be used by our mitkLookupTable via

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Ok. Just as discussed, we should also add

  • a minimal unit test
  • a QmitkLookupTableMenu class which can construct QMenus for selection of a LUT
  • an extension of DataManager to include such a menu and react appropriately

Implementation of LUT Provider including Test

The unit test of mitkLookupTable was extended to use all (and future) lookup tables in the proposed provider class. This is also part of the patch. The test was not started and compiled yet.

Meanwhile MITK has a more advanced LUT implementation. Its safe to close this ticket.

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