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Data type should be obvious in data tree views
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When two different files with the same name-prefix are loaded (Leber.pic Leber.stl), it can not be distinguished in views onto the data tree if it is a surface or image. Thus, these views should be adapted to make the data type obvious, either by displaying specific icons, or by showing the classname...

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Delayed until Qt4 or some spare time, whichever comes first..

Not relevant for MITK-0.9.2, moving it to 0.9.4. Feel free to adapt the target milestone according to your current work load.

datatype icons would be really useful!

tagging for bugfixing wednesday

Related to your Qt4 reimplementation of Tree View. Maybe should also take into account new DataStorage relationships

my bug now. already worked on that

Bug is fixed. Datamanager now shows the data type of the nodes in the node table

Merging "Datamanager" component into ExtApp plugins