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MITK rendering with VTK makes software rendering faulty with "non-power-of-two images" (NPOT images)
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Since we do our rendering with VTK (instead of IIL4Mitk), software OpenGL rendering is broken in many cases.

Rendering of "non-power-of-two" (NPOT) textures in supported by some OpenGL extension, which is mainly implemented in some graphics card drivers BUT NOT e.g. in the Microsoft Windows OpenGL driver.

When NPOT images are rendered, the texture plane is extended to the next power of two (by VTK, in order to satisfy the driver's limitation). However, VTK does not extend the texture image, so rendering stretches the NPOT texture onto the power-of-two texture plane. The resulting rendering is painly wrong and potentially dangerous, because any kind of measurements on such a rendering will be faulty.

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Could be somehow related to the software rendering issues described in T10161

Due to its severity, this bug is considered relevant for the upcoming 2012.09 release.

Please check the status and consider fixing this bug for 2012.09.

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