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QmitkOverlayController: Container widgets are visible after call of AddOverlay()
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When adding an overlay to the overlay controller (AddOverlay()) there is a call to the show() method of the container of the overlay.

This is annoying if you have a widget which is supposed to be drawn over the entire render window.

It is suggested not to turn on the visibility during construction in AddOverlay(). A call to SetOverlayVisibility() is now mandatory if you want to show overlays. This is also the default behavior of Qt.

Event Timeline

[c08386]: Merge branch 'bug-11800-overlaycontroller-no-longer-calls-immediate-sh

Merged commits:

2012-04-27 10:55:14 Johannes Kast [5207a7]
no longer call show in the AddOverlay method

2012-04-27 10:54:31 Johannes Kast [de53e7]
no longer call set visible on all overlays:

instead only the containers are set to visible

2012-04-27 10:53:43 Johannes Kast [abbf0d]
clean up of the adjust method

The bug has been fixed as proposed by Hannes.

[7f8dd3]: Merge branch 'bug-11800-overlaycontroller-no-longer-calls-immediate-sh

Merged commits:

2012-05-15 15:25:53 Markus Engel [933d63]
also showing and hiding the widgets in the overlays