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Planarfigure interaction only works once
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-> Open Measurement bundle and draw a PlanarFigure
-> Interact once with this figure
-> Try to interact another time -> Nothing happens any more

It looks like the interactor is removed after the first time interaction

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[1e2828]: Merge branch 'bug-11950-RedesignMeasurementToolBox'

Merged commits:

2012-06-13 12:51:34 Michael Mueller [209a26]
deactivatin actions menu while a new planar figure is initialized

2012-06-13 11:05:13 Michael Mueller [70d83b]
made planarfigureinteractor in both statemachine.xml files consistent
measurement should now work satisfying

2012-06-13 09:41:20 Michael Mueller [6dde0c]
reworked measurement view
still interactor issues:

  • all polyline planarfigure stop interaction after initialization
  • after first interaction no more interaction is possible

2012-06-08 16:14:38 Michael Mueller [4c4880]
further reworking of measurement toolbox
still todo:

  • add button functionalities for other planar figures
  • bug in initialization
  • fix no more interaction after first control point moving bug (rather in the interactor)
  • when a planarfigure is selected on the renderwindow, make it appear selected and write text
  • copy to clipboard functionality
  • disable crosshair while interacting

(- add renderwindow text)

2012-06-08 16:11:08 Michael Mueller [ffd53f]
conflict resolved for measurement view

2012-06-06 18:09:35 Diana Wald [07eff2]
added request update for renderwindows

2012-06-06 17:53:18 Diana Wald [fcb76c]
start restructuring measurement view

resetting to confirmed. please close if evaluated as fixed during bugsquashing testing