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Rendering Test for Swivel Mode
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Implement an automatic rendering test for the swivel mode.

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I'm removing the core change flag. Even for a test, a minimal change description would be nice, e.g. what is the goal of the test, what is tested and how? This avoids tickets/branches that run forever because it is unclear when they are finished. The document linked from does not describe a "swivel mode test".

Any test is welcome, though, so a simple description will do.

Also, is there a reason why you flagged the report "private"? You can undo this by unchecking and pressing "Save Changes" if you want to.

oblique multiplanar reconstruction reference of the Pic3d image

pic3dSwivel640x480REF.png (480×640 px, 56 KB)

I implemented a first version of this test and pushed it into the branch "bug-12268-swivelrendertest". The test is working, it constructs an oblique mulitplanar reconstruction of the Pic3d and compares it to the reference image in the MITK-Data\RenderingTestData\ReferenceScreenshots directory. The plain is rotated around the origin with {X=0.2, Y=0.3, Z=0.5}. The mitkRenderingTestHelper has also been improved.

I enhanced the core change request.

I implemented a "GetDataStorage()" method for the RenderingTestHelper which is generally useful for modifying any kind of data during any rendering test.

This could be used to get the center of the image via:
mitk::Image::Pointer image = static_cast<mitk::Image*>(renderingHelper.GetDataStorage()->GetNode(mitk::NodePredicateDataType::New("Image"))->GetData());

mitk::Point3D imageCenter = image->GetGeometry()->GetCenter();

This point can be used for to reorient the slices, however, the resulting image is slightly different compared to the first implemantation of Alexandra:

mitk::Stepper::Pointer stepper = sliceNavigationController->GetSlice();

TODO: Decide which version we want to use for testing, generate the valid image and merge into the master.

[c8858d]: Merge branch 'bug-12268-swivelrendertest'

Merged commits:

2012-08-01 16:51:43 Thomas Kilgus [3a1342]
Removed old swivel version by alexandra. Added comments to new version.

2012-07-09 10:31:06 Thomas Kilgus [9afd5d]
Implemented GetDataStorage, new method for setting the center of rotation, and wrote some docu.

2012-06-27 16:22:06 Alexandra Derntl [e42148]
added swivel rendering test

[f1f50d]: Merge branch 'bug-12268-swivelrendertest'

Merged commits:

2012-08-02 18:02:14 Thomas Kilgus [222482]
COMP: Removed swivel test. Not working in windows.

[ec6bc2]: Merge branch 'bug-12268-swivelrendertest'

Merged commits:

2012-08-02 18:43:12 Thomas Kilgus [fca975]
COMP: added property to run all rendering tests in serial.

[f381ea]: Merge branch 'bug-12268-swivelrendertest'

Merged commits:

2012-08-02 18:58:30 Thomas Kilgus [5712ea]
COMP: Removed opacity test. Not working on windows.

[56efbf]: Merge branch 'bug-12268-swivelrendertest'

Merged commits:

2012-08-02 19:08:33 Thomas Kilgus [d57925]
COMP: Removed property of opactiy test.

[8e84eb]: Merge branch 'bug-12268-swivelrendertest'

Merged commits:

2012-08-03 10:13:44 Thomas Kilgus [c29295]
Try all tests again.

[e2430d]: Merge branch 'bug-12268-swivelrendertest'

Merged commits:

2012-08-03 14:08:27 Thomas Kilgus [68e20e]
COMP: Removed opacity test. Not working with software rendering.