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Volume visualisation tool tips
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The test protocol should probably state which elements are expected to have tooltips.

The following errors have been found:

  1. Tooltip of dropdown box of rendering method (CPU/GPU raycast etc) is missing.
  1. Tooltip of cross in bell mode:

Reads "Move mouse to the bottom and the bell will be flattened" but should read "Move mouse to the bottom and to narrow the bell" flattened is the opposite of what happens

  1. Tooltop of dropdown box preset:

Reads "...apply on..." should read "...apply to..."

Event Timeline

Updating target milestone to upcoming release

User klemmm has pushed new remote branch:


[bb6a34]: Merge branch 'bug-13971-VolumeVisualizationToolTipsWereMissingOrIncorr

Merged commits:

2014-11-12 17:54:36 Martin Klemm [3ab3fd]
Added and corrected tooltips in Volume Visualization Plugin