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Loading dicom diffusion images crashes MITK
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When trying to load some of the data provided by Frank using the dicom import view MITK crashes.

Log error is:

142.02 GDCM 2.0.18 used for DICOM parsing and sorting!
142.02 Current memory usage: 134.03 MB (0.41 %)
142.02 Current memory usage: 134.05 MB (0.41 %)
142.04 == Initial Directory Scan ==
142.04 ... found 532 different files
142.04 Scanning Headers
142.91 ... successfully scanned 532 headers.
142.91 Sorting
143.27 Series is composed of 28 different 3D volumes with 19 slices.
143.27 Current memory usage: 143.05 MB (0.44 %)
143.27 Reading Headers C:/tmp/Diff-test/testinggitbash
143.27 Reading header image #1/28
Siemens SliceMosaic......
Warning: Cannot find complete information on SliceNormalVector in 0029|1010

Slice order may be wrong.

Warning: Cannot find complete information on NumberOfImagesInMosaic in 0029|1010

Resulting image may contain empty slices.

Mosaic in 0 X 0 blocks (total number of blocks =

See private comment below for data location

Event Timeline

header changings

We have three data groups

raw data from Frank
script based splitted data by gdcmtar to automatically split all 250 Gbyte data ;)
one dataset splitted data by Siemens console

So far, only the splitted data by Siemens consolo works out to import to MITK (however viewing it in a simple DICOM viewer works fine for all 3 datasets).
Import to MITK is not possible with raw data or script based splitted data.

Probably due to the following:

When the original Siemens Software is splitting the data, it massively changes the header. With these changes, MITK works well, so I guess it is because of these changes.

I attached a document, in which you can trace the changes made by the Siemens console.

crash seems to be fixed in current master,
but the result of the loaded image looks wrong,
see (private) attachment.

Bug still occurs if the diffusion image is loaded with diffusion dicom import. The data contains Siemens MOSAIC Dicom files with empty Tag (0029,1010). The necessary information are saved in other tags.

New remote branch pushed: bug-14459-CrashOnDiffusionDicomImport

Added hot-fix to prevent the crash. If the tag used to detect diffusion information is missing, an error is shown and the file is ignored.

Should be redesigned to enable data loading.

[41e3e9]: Merge branch 'bug-14459-CrashOnDiffusionDicomImport'

Merged commits:

2013-03-25 12:26:16 Michael Goetz [824a5e]
Added additional information to log screen.

This will prevent from loosing information why the image cannot be loaded.

2013-03-25 12:12:35 Michael Goetz [939f51]
Throw and catch exception when Siemens MOSAIC Header is empty/wrong

Application no longer crashes when loading the data, but data is not loaded.

Needs further work.

Setting TargetMilestone to 2013-06 ( for all critical, major and some medium bugs).

The crash is fixed, the solution for MOSAIC data should be more general ( look for details into T15459 )

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