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RigidRegistration can't be executet two times
Closed, ResolvedPublic


  1. register two images rigidly
  2. undo transform
  3. register again

-> error

An error occurred. You should save all data and quit the program to prevent possible data loss.
See the error log for details.

Prohibited image access: the requested image part is already in use and cannot be requested recursively!

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I can confirm this bug using the test data from the 3M3-Demodata folder. I'll check this issue.

This bug could not be fixed for release 2013-06. Setting target milestone to next release

New remote branch pushed: bug-14736-ExecutionOfRigidRegistration

[85d649]: Merge branch 'bug-14736-ExecutionOfRigidRegistration'

Merged commits:

2013-07-31 16:51:46 Sven Mersmann [236909]
Separate the image data of fixed and moving image from the view to prevent double memory access, which results in a thrown exception.

Pushed to master, solution seems to work. Bug is fixed