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Use ISO-Date formatting for log output
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Currently, every log message includes the date/time in a strange, unusual and unpracticable format:

Www Mmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy

Where Www is the weekday, Mmm the month (in letters), dd the day of the month, hh:mm:ss the time, and yyyy the year.

Example: Thu Apr 18 09:17:10 2013

This makes any postprocessing (e.g. sorting, filtering) unnecessary complex.

I suggest to use ISO Date format for log output: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
This allows a simple string sort, is easily human readable, has a fixed number of characters and is more compact than the current formatting.

Currently, the ctime() function is used to create the date/time string. The new formatting can easily be created by using strftime() insteadt. As suggested in

This would affect mbilog::TextBackendBase::AppendTimeStamp()

I volunteer to change this behavior, if the MITK guys agree.

Event Timeline

Yes, makes parsing at lot easier. And its extendable with the ISO UTC timezone offset when required.

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