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Tutorial Step 6: region growing does not display results
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When executing the step 6 of the tutorial it does not show the results from the region growing. This was tested by setting one and several seed points in a version of the software compiled with Visual Studio (release and debug).

There seem to be some computations going on, since the ui is blocked for some time and there is logging output. However, after the ui is accessable again, nothing new is displayed.

Here is the console output:
Mon Jul 08 17:31:32 2013
1.28 loading C:\ws\MITK\bin\CMakeExternals\Source\MITK-Da
ta\Pic3D.nrrd via itk::ImageIOFactory...
1.51 ioRegion: ImageIORegion (0000000000A4D390)

Dimension: 3
Index: 0 0 0
Size: 256 256 49

1.76 number of image components: 1
1.78 ...finished!
51.05 ext.rnd.gpuVolMap3d: initializing gpu-slicing-vr (vtkMitkOpenGLVolumeTextu
51.15 ext.rnd.oglVolTexMap3d: allocating volume on gpu

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I could not reproduce this bug. Seems to be fixed in the meantime.

Sebastian, could you please try to reproduce this bug on your linux machine?

Sebastian reported this bug from a windows machine, so I will close this bug.

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Hello, I ran into the same problem as you when running tutorial Step6. How did you solve it?

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Plesae, could you add some more information (which version?, which OS?, is it reproducible with different images? Preferably an image that can be shared. E.G. something from the MITK-Data repository)

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