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Repair and enhance 3D surface mapper
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Currently the 3D surface mapper lacks some features like point size or has features that aren't woorking anymore (line width). I'd like to rewrite the surface mapper and adapt it to recent changes of rendering and properties. Additional features like vertex ID rendering oder support of transparency based on polygon sorting are features which are quite useful. Further mapper features could include emphasis of surface boundaries or non-manifold edges if a certain property is set.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-15614-NewSurfaceMapper3D

As we had several comments on our somewhat limited surface mapper on the users list we should finally integrate some fancy stuff for the mapper. The branch above can serve as reference even if a few things like transparency is already solved.

Rostislav has published code of a feature that might be described here as "surface boundaries". So I don't open up a separate bug / feature request but add it to this bug.

I have created a branch in my fork containing Rostislavs changes:

Very minor changes based on v2015.05.0 and devided up in two commits. One containing the pure addition of the properties and one containing the adaption to show the option "Surface w. Wireframe" in DataManager.

For the later option I had to add VTK_SURFACE+1 to the Enums which is ugly.
But VTK doesn't provide an enum item for this.

Would this be integrated?


Acknowledgements to Rostislav ;)

Thank you for providing us with the code!
It might be rather outdated now, but we still leave this bug open since your branches might provide helpful code examples for future changes on the 3D surface mapper. Further changes to the 3D mapper are definitely neccessary.

Please also consider T14972.

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