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Very slow rendering of big surfaces
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Big surfaces that are continuous changing are rendered very slowly.
Immediate mode doesn't improve anything.
The problem seems only to be present in MITK. Paraview can handle such big surfaces.

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Eric, if you work on this bug, please set it to IN_PROGRESS to prevent that somebody else takes it.

New remote branch pushed: bug-14972-slowSurfaceRendering

This bug has a high severity and was not fixed within the 2013-06 release. Setting target milestone to next release.

Eric, what is the status here? Can you fix it for the next release?

Current release is finished. Reseting target milestone...

New remote branch pushed: bug-14972-surfaceRendering-integration

User heime has pushed new remote branch:


User heime has pushed new remote branch:


What is the status of this bug Eric?
Could you merge your branch into master or did you fixed it within the scope of another bug?

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