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Deactivate fast marching tools after confirming segmentation
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New remote branch pushed: bug-16021-disableMarchingToolsGUIAfterConfirmation

Please do not just disable the tool guy. The right solution would be to deactivate the tool. Something like toolmanager->ActivateTool(-1) in the mitkFastMarching3DTool

(In reply to Andreas Fetzer from comment #2)

I've tried to add m_ToolManager->ActivateTool(-1) at the end of the ConfirmSegmentation() method. This results in SIGSEGV after leaving this method in QmitkFastMarchingTool3DGUI::OnConfirmSegmentation().

New remote branch pushed: bug-16021-DeactivateFastMarchingAfterConfirm

[f94554]: Merge branch 'bug-16021-DeactivateFastMarchingAfterConfirm'

Merged commits:

2013-11-08 16:25:17 Michael Brehler [e575d2]
now the gui is closed after confirming the segmentation