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IVIM Plugin causes crash
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to reproduce:
import some diffusion dicoms
activate ivim view,
select data node of imported diffusion DN

-> crash

before crash the following messages is logged:

QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to QmitkPlotWidget "m_VisualizeResultsWidget", which already has a layout

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Might be related to changes in this commit:

Fixed Qwt dependent code to compile against Qwt 6.1.0.

@2013-08-26 01:28:09

since ODF Details View also crash.

For ivim problem seems to occur within this function:

void QmitkIVIMWidget::SetParameters( IVIMFilterType::IVIMSnapshot snap )

New remote branch pushed: bug-16059-FixPlotWidgeForNewQWTVersion

[4ec526]: Merge branch 'bug-16059-FixPlotWidgeForNewQWTVersion'

Merged commits:

2013-09-18 18:02:04 Christoph Kolb [b8fb02]
symbols have to be passed as pointers

2013-09-18 17:59:12 Christoph Kolb [5135f6]
seriesdata is not saved to a member anymore. because qwt handles its destruction