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global reinit on image or segmentation deactivates segmentation view
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load an image
  2. Create a segmentation
  3. perform a global reinit on the segmentation or the image

The segmentation view elements are disabled for no reason.

Event Timeline

Only occurs on images with non standard axes. This is due to the changes in T16063.


  • E130-Daten/temp/Michael/testdata/Orbic1_1690.nrrd
  • E130-Daten/temp/Alfred/testdata/Gel.nrrd

[7d2e32]: Merge branch 'bug-16179-tools-disabled-after-global-reinit'

Merged commits:

2013-09-27 10:07:22 Andreas Fetzer [10aa23]
Tool are now only disabled if the bounding boxed are not equal. Tranform may be unequal due to global reinit