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Doxygen 1.8.7 is not considered a valid version
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Currently the build system considers doxygen 1.8.7 to be an invalid version. Tests on windows however indicate that it builds the in game qt assistant help as well as the html help correctly.

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Error FODC0002 in file:///home/petry/Bugsquashing/debug/MITK-build/Plugins/org.mitk.gui.qt.viewnavigator/documentation/UserManual/html/index.qhp, at line 11, column 14: Opening and ending tag mismatch.

On Ubuntu 14.04

This error could very well be caused by the XSL file we use to "tweak" the generated qhp file:

This originally modified the qhp file such that the toc hierarchy in the Workbench looks nicer. Maybe the qhp layout changed between the Doxygen versions and maybe the tweak isn't necessary any more at all.

  1. Try to remove the xsl tweak and compare the toc hierarchy in the workbench with the original one. (Just set "_use_qhp_xsl" to "0" around line
  1. If 1. looks strange, we might have to adapt the xsl file.

For some reason only the viewnavigator manual caused the error. Once I activated it, it appeared on windows as well. Changing the MacroCreateCTKPlugin.cmake did not help.

I fixed the issue by removing any "\section" command from the .doc file.

Potentially there is a error when keeping track of sections and it has to be either no level or second+ level nesting ?

We might want to consider switching to doxygen 1.8.7 for this release, unless any problems appear.

[5b6be8]: Merge branch 'bug-17991-update-required-doxygen-version'

Merged commits:

2014-09-25 13:47:35 Caspar Goch [4268c5]
Updated config to 1.8.7

2014-09-24 18:13:24 Caspar Goch [55a63d]
Removed sections from manual

Removing sections prevented the erroneous extra end section tag. I do not
know why, though.

2014-09-24 14:46:04 Caspar Goch [4e14dc]
Check for 1.8.7 or newer instead of just 1.8.7

2014-09-24 14:36:18 Caspar Goch [e3012a]
Updated one more check

2014-09-24 14:06:44 Caspar Goch [22b7ad]
Updated minimum doxygen version to 1.8.7