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Installer Release 2014.03 crashes on first start of workbench
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Crashes on first start of workbench.
On second start it works normally.

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ccrash happens in

mitk::LegacyFileWriterService* mitk::LegacyFileWriterService::Clone() const

return new LegacyFileWriterService(*this); // crash here bad pointer


Please add a full back trace.

This happens when trying to register the "ContourModel"

Upon subsequent starts it does no longer try to register that module and the corresponding file types (.cnt, .cnt_set) are missing from the file open dialog.

After commenting out the registration of the mitkContourObjectFactory

//static RegisterContourObjectFactory registerContourObjectFactory;

MITK starts without crash.


mitk::LegacyFileWriterService::LegacyFileWriterService(mitk::FileWriter::Pointer legacyWriter, const std::string& description)

is called once for each of the other extensions, it is called twice for both cnt and cnt_set, trying to find out why.

This could be due to the loading - un-loading - re-loading cycle on a clean start. This happens for all plug-ins and their dependencies which are loaded at start-up.

I am out of ideas what the cause might be. Resetting to confirmed.

I will try to port the ContourModel readers/writers to the new concept. This might render the problem obsolete.

User goch has pushed new remote branch:


Migrating the readers/writers to the new concept solved the original issue. However they do currently (in the pushed branch) not autoload. This results in the reader/writers not being registered until a corresponding plugin is opened (segmentation).

I can not evaluate how much of an issue that would be.

@Sascha and Caspar,

do you have a look on the autoload-issue on Wednesday?

It is most definitely not an issue with the auto-loading mechanism itself. The libraries being loaded likely do not behave correctly during a load-unload-load cycle.

[619ebf]: Merge branch 'bug-18183-port-contour-model-reading-writing-integration

Merged commits:

2014-10-14 15:21:27 Caspar Goch [93b3e0]
Adjusted modul export macro call

2014-10-14 15:20:47 Caspar Goch [1adafb]
Merge branch 'bug-18183-port-contour-model-reading-writing' into bug-18183-port-contour-model-reading-writing-integration

2014-10-10 18:25:26 Caspar Goch [c44c84]
Migrated ContourModel readers and writers to new concept

User goch has pushed new remote branch:


[3d7d21]: Merge branch 'bug-18183-comp'

Merged commits:

2014-10-14 15:48:02 Caspar Goch [40358f]
COMP: Add missing includes