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Apply current shown level window setting to all selected images
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if a level window setting was defined, it should be possible to apply it to all images of the current selection. What do you think about this feature?

It would be nice to integrate this feature in to the datamanger context menu.
Possible implementation:

-> Create a QAction (QmitkApplyLevelWindowAction)
-> Find current shown LW setting (using BoolProperty "imageForLevelWindow")
-> Apply it to all selected data nodes

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Jonas, that could be a topic for one of the next MITK meetings. Adding Request For Discussion keyword.

Up-vote for this feature. This is an extremely helpful thing when inspecting multiple data and/or making screenshots.

I made and integration branch (2 merge conflicts and changed the code to use QScopedPointer) and will push it.

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kislinsk claimed this task.
This task was automatically closed because it wasn't updated at least since July 2016 (over 2 years). Please re-open this task if you think that it is still relevant. This most probably means that you will resolve it.

see T25483: different approach though: The idea is to change the level window slider while the "selected nodes" mode is enabled. This way, the level window will be applied to to all selected data nodes automatically and simultaneously.
The approach proposed here sounds more like using a node which has already a set LW and "propagating" this LW to different nodes (subsequently). I linked this task as we could discuss if this is something we want to have this feature additionally.