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Implementation of Pixelteq SpectroCam
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We should implement support for the Pixelteq SpectroCam to the Biophotonics Component.

That for a module called BiophotonicsHardware will be generated, holding a SpectroCam submodule as well as future hardware-submodules.
The SpectroCam submodule will contain a SpectroCamController for basic comera-interaction as well as a SepctroCamRecorder featuring file writing.

Last but not least, a Gui-Plugin has to be generated, containing a start-, stop- and Rec-Button next to mode-, exposure-time-, stack- and gain-settings.

Later a selection of the displayed filters should also be included. A dropdown menue or several radio-buttons might be used.

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@wirkert Still relevant?

Hmm, I can reopen it if necessary, right?

Hmm, I can reopen it if necessary, right?


We do not use the software in this branch anymore and in the future the recording will be replaced by another camera anyways.

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