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vtkMitkLevelWindowFilter always treats multi component images as RGBA --> crash
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it usually does not crash because non RGBA multi component images are usually handled separately in the imagevtkmapper2d but IF a multi component image occurs at this point the application crashes.

line 499 vtkMitkLevelWindowFilter

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I reproduced this bug with Peter by removing the line:

node->AddProperty("Image.Displayed Component", mitk::IntProperty::New(0), renderer, overwrite);

in mitkImageVtkMapper2D.cpp

The crash appears deep down in the VTK-Pipeline at the line:

pthread_join( process_id[thread_loop], NULL );

in vtkMultiThreader.txx (see attached stack trace). Since this is VTK code and obviously threads are involved, I will just close the bug. The effort for fixing this seems very high with little gain, since the crash is fixed by setting a correct property in MITK already.

Stack trace of the crash

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