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Missing transition while rotating and zooming planes
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If the crosshair is in rotation mode and the cursor switches to rotation mode it doesn't switch back if another button is clicked while rotating the planes, e.g. right mouse for zooming. The endrotation event is missing in this case.

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Actual Behaviour
While being in crosshair rotation mode, pressing another second button causes the interactor to remain in that previous state and the cursor icon to freeze.

Expected behavior
Pressing another button should lead to a state from which other actions can be reached.

Cause of the bug
Missing transistion in state "Rotation" in DisplayInteraction.xml

Proposed solution
An additional transistion was added to cope with the particular case when a second button is pressed during crosshair mode.

Affected classes
.xml file /Core/resource/Interactions/DisplayInteraction.xml was modified.

How will the bugfix get tested?
Behavior has been observed during user interaction.

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Unfortunately, this revision was never reviewed. @thomass Would you mind to use arc diff to submit a code review "again"? I'm happy to assist you installing arc if you're not sure what you need to do. I also referenced a quick guide at the bottom of our Phabricator Migration page. Thank you!

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