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Add 4D support to PlanarFigures
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Currently the PlanarFigures do not support a temporal dimension.

A PlanarFigure created on a 3D+t image will look the same on all timepoints as it only has a single PlaneGeometry and a single list of control-points from which the polylines are created.

To add support for a temporal dimension the following points will have to be adressed:

  • PlanarFigure
    • Remove m_PlaneGeometry and use geometries of BaseData
    • a list of control-points for each timestep
    • a list of polylines for each timestep
  • PlanarFigureInteractor
    • interact with figure of current timepoint
  • PlanarFigureMapper
    • display polyline of current timepoint
  • ImageStatisticsCalculator
    • consider correct timestep-specific polylines of PlanarFigure
  • PlanarFigureReader and -Writer
    • serialize information on TimeGeometry as well

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User engelm has pushed new remote branch:

kislinsk triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Aug 9 2016, 9:22 AM
kislinsk added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Aug 9 2016, 4:41 PM

OK, I have pushed my changes and created a revision/pull-request .

Do I have to do something else? Change the state of this issue or something like that? Will the reviewers create an experimental cdash-run or test it on Linux and Mac?

I'm not sure what the new process is..

In this case we'll test it (1) manually and (2) on a few dart clients.

@goch @kolbch Lords of the dart clients, would you mind to give the branch a shot on a Windows and Linux nightly?

As general information, we introduced mandatory code reviews for external users as there was quite some stuff in the past that we didn't have on our radar and just discovered "by accident". Also, a few times stuff was merged that didn't work or wasn't used anywhere in MITK and ended up as blind code from our perspective. So, it is not to diss you guys, but mostly to get a better awareness of what's going on and sometimes to request the missing 5% to get things working in our context as well. :-)

I'll keep looking for evil eyes on Friday night. ;-)

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engelm added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Aug 11 2016, 11:24 AM

I abandoned D4 because nothing happened in the last months and we had code formatting scripts running meanwhile, which would result in huge, messy revisions to review. Please create a new revision, when the 4D support is fixed/working, thank you.

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