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OpenIGTLink connection to tracking data streams is not working
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If trying to connect to a tracking data stream (e.g., PLUS server or second MITK instance with virtual tracker) with the tracking toolbox view, a error message pops up. It tells, that the number of tools does not match, even in the simplest case when only one tool is present on both sides.

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I was wrong: connection to a PLUS server works if exactly the same number of tools with exactly the same sames are present in MITK. To make this easier to use we should add a "auto discover tools" feature asap, the methods are already there... it shouldn't be that much effort.

However... connection MITK <=> MITK still doesn't work.

I'm pretty sure Dominique and I worked on a solution on that at a NAVI hackfest..
I'll get in touch with her when she comes back and we will look into this.

Problem is, the mitk::OpenIGTLinkTrackingDevice has a mitk::IGTLTransformDeviceSource. This works with PLUS and Slicer because they send Transform-Messages for the Tracking Data. But MITK sends TDATA-Messages. Therefore MITK can not connect to MITK because it expects the wrong message type.

What is the status here? Janek, can you continue with this bug?

franza claimed this task.

The problem with TDATA and TRANSFORM messages is solved in the current master...

Deleted branch T20004-FixOpenIGTLinkConnection.