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Reimplement the XML IO functionality for mitkLevelWindowPreset
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For reading and writing the preset XML File the vtkParser should be replaced with tinyxml. The old XML writer classes were removed therefore we need a new implementation with tinyxml for the LevelWindowPreset XML writer.

Also have a look in the mitkLevelWindowProperty class for the old reading and writing mechanism.

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Event Timeline

The bundle was ported but there is still work to do:

-some signal / slot issues
-code clean up
-get the right offset values from the GUI for the displacement filter

-some comments are marked with //Port have an eye on this and delete if it is no longer needed

Hannes thinks this will be solved by the preferences store (Marco)

Does this involve XMLIO or only the VTK XML parser?

This is 1.0 relevant. I will check if there is a new implementation. If not I will use the preference store to resolve this issue.

This is already fixed. Bug closed...