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Xnat plugin: easy to use nrrd upload after DICOM import
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Find a convenient way to upload nrrd converted images to xnat. When importing DICOM images via Xnat-plugin to MITK and the user wants to store additionally the nrrd format of that image on XNAT these steps are required:

  1. Download DICOM data from XNAT (via Xnat plugin in MITK)
  2. Save imported image as nrrd on disk
  3. Import the saved nrrd image into MITK
  4. Upload the newly imported nrrd image to XNAT

It would be nice to skip step 2 and 3

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reicht moved this task from RM ToDo to DKFZ ToDo on the CSI-HD board.

Step 2 and 3 can already be skipped. Tested on OSX using latest MITK master build. Need to verify on Windows and with a collaborating radiologist.

reicht moved this task from DKFZ ToDo to Doing on the CSI-HD board.

On windows steps 2 and 3 are still needed because an error is thrown otherwise. Please note, that this was tested on DIPP2017029000. My tests on OSX were performed on a newer MITK master branch.

Tested this commit rMITK2d98a91f27b0 on Win10

buildType: Release

When skipping steps 2 and 3, upload was not successful although the MBI log msg states Upload complete!. MBI log (see log screenshot below):

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-01 um 13.50.47.png (120×668 px, 28 KB)

When storing data to disk and load it into MITK, selected data is uploaded successfully and available on the XNAT server (see log screenshot below):

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-01 um 13.52.53.png (87×661 px, 21 KB)

Also on macOS same issue occurs using a localizer sequence. This is shown in the log:

[32.555] Writing image: /Users/e010-admin/Library/Application Support/DKFZ/MITK Workbench_3386398156/data/21/E010SAFEHARBOR%2Flocalizer_BeckenmOSDebug.nrrd
QIODevice::write (QTcpSocket): device not open
Could not validate file upload! Remote MD5:  "0"
[33.321] Upload of E010SAFEHARBOR%2Flocalizer_BeckenmOSDebug.nrrd completed!
2017-09-01 23:53:11.037673+0200 MitkWorkbench[40364:771176] Received XPC error Connection interrupted for message type 3 kCFNetworkAgentXPCMessageTypePACQuery

1559834642 -> 2741452969_20170614_MR -> LocalizerBecken

Deleted branch T23244-XNAT-nrrd-convenient-upload-feature.

Closed because of very long inactivity and drift to current code.