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It is not possible to use mouse wheel events in interactors
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Mouse wheel events do not reach the interactor event mechanism.

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Mouse wheel events can now be used in state machines.
Fixed in revision: 18485.

The bug needs to be reopend due to neccessary changes in QmitkEventAdapter

In mitkEventTypeDef.h you find "typedef DisplayPositionEvent WheelEvent;".
This works because by now everyone uses the WheelEvent for clicks and the resulting position. Now we want additional information about the mouse wheel movement. So we should implement a new class mitkWheelEvent derived from DisplayPositionEvent which has an additional parameter for the mouse wheel movement (delta).
Also the QmitkEventAdapter class has to be modified to throw proper mouse wheel events.


Please describe your solution and test results shortly when closing a core modification bug.

Now we can use mouse wheel interactions. A first manual test of the wheel movement information inside of a bundle was positive.