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Render window names / identifier
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In order to identify and access specific render windows we need a naming convention for the render windows.

Currently the StdMultiWidgetEditor keeps a vector of the four render windows and allows to access them by using the strings axial, saggital, coronal, and 3d.
The render window itself are kept in the QmitkStdMultiWidget and are named stdmulti.widget1, stdmulti.widget2, stdmulti.widget3 and stdmulti.widget4.

If we want to dynamically add and remove render windows and allow to change the view direction, we need a different naming.
Using some kind of layout-class, we could think about adressing the render windows by its position in the widget (e.g. a cell inside a grid layout).

  • what happens if we remove render windows at a certain position; does this change the naming / identification of other render windows?

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kalali triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 7 2018, 10:09 AM
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Basic idea is to simply number the render windows from left to right and from top to bottom and use this number as a display name.
The display name can then also be displayed as annotation text on the render window itself.

The display name will be modified if the layout of the multi widget changes.

Render windows are now named according to their position. Currently it is only possible to add render window (widgets) at the next free slot in the layout (at the end) or remove the last render window widget. This is currently done automatically by choosing a certain layout grid.

Removing or adding render windows at a certain position is currently not possible. I don't see a reason right know to implement this.

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Could add the view direction to the name that is display on the render window.