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Forced DICOM tag based node naming
Closed, ResolvedPublic


With there was a change in behavior of the DataStorageTreeModel.

After this commit the name of the node is ignored/overwritten, if there are DICOM properties stored. In the later case a node name is generated out of the DICOM properties.

I have the following concerns with this code:

  1. As soon as you have DICOM properties, you cannot control how the node should be named in the data manager.
  2. The naming of nodes in Datamanager and other parts of the workbench diverge. Other plugins use DataNode::GetName() and will get/show something else. Not good.

There is good reasoning for central logic for node naming (and we also have tasks asking for a more intelligent naming), but in the DataStorage it is the wrong place.
So I would propose to revert the commit in such a way, that the data storage displays the node name (DataNode::GetName()) again.
Strategies to generate proper naming should be hidden beyond this iterface (or another globally available interface (e.g. simelar to property aliases)).