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enhance pointsettest to test multiple timesteps
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Currently, mitkPointSetTest only tests a pointset with a single timestep. All tests should be repeated for multiple timesteps.

Also, it would be nice, if the test gets refactored to use the MITK testing macros.

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the test uses MITK testing macros now. Testing with timesteps is still missing

change request

change request ok. for testing I'd just watch the dashboard results the night after checking in

Sabrina, is this already done?

The MITK testing macros are added, but timesteps are still missing.
I think I will not have the time to do this in my practical (the next 2 weeks).

Please do not close bugs before the fix is committed and the Dartclient results are uploaded to CDash.

[SVN revision 22004]
COMP (#2430): Fixed adding missing Test

[SVN revision 22089]
FIX (#2430): Fixed PointsetLocale Test, which failed at the last commit, described in T1571. Also removed a warning in PointSetFileIO Test.

After a very quick review I would say there is some coverage of time steps in the testing code.