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Visualize RTDOSE correctly
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Currently, there is an inconsistency between loading RTDOSE data via drag and drop (IOUtil::Load) and with the org.mitk.gui.qt.dicom plugin.
IOUtil approach loads the data correctly whereas no dose visualization is done.
The dicom plugin approach also adds dose visualization.

In DicomRT module, there is a helper function mitk::ConfigureNodeAsDoseNode(mitk::DataNode* doseNode, const mitk::IsoDoseLevelSet* colorPreset, mitk::DoseValueAbs referenceDose, bool showColorWashGlobal) that is in use for the dicom plugin approach. However, we can't use this in the IOUtil approach currently as we need access to the DataNode object, however, we have only access to BaseData object.

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Result of the discussion:

So far the best pragmatic solution is the following:

  • We introduce an eager plugin that monitors the data storage.
  • If nodes are added that 1) are RT Dose nodes and 2) have no proper configuration, the plugin uses mitk::ConfigureNodeAsDoseNode on them and uses the preference information to correctly parameterize the call.

For this solution it is important to make the role/intended use of the plugin where obviouse/transparent, because it is somewho a very "sneaky" process.

The best way would be to handle it directly at the point where nodes are generated and added. But at this point we are outside of blueberry and have no access to the preferences. To solve that, we would have to offer access to preferences via microservices and thats another/bigger story. So for now we stay with the pragmatic solution.

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As we now have preferences at the module level that can be done even in a better way. Now the mapper can set the default node settings for rendering if not already done. No need to have it handled by the reading code anymore.