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mitk::SurfaceVtkWriter: Add option for disabling transformation of poly data
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mitk::SurfaceVtkWriter writes mitk::Surfaces as vtkPolyData in any supported VTK file format (via template mechanism). For writing the data, the Geometry / transform contained in mitk::Surface is applied to the individual points, since VTK file formats do not support storing of transforms.

In some cases, it is not desirable that the poly data are transformed automatically, e.g. when the Geometry/transform is stored separately.

The writer class should be extended with an option to enable/disable the application of the transform.

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This could be easily tested in a unit test. Could you open a second bug for extending the surface writer test case? Could be done by anybody during bug squashing.

[SVN revision 19379]
ENH (#2627): Added option for disabling transformation of polydata via Geometry transform before writing

Added required feature with r19379.

TODO: write unit test for new methods. Adding "party" keyword.

@Michael: this was discussed yesterday. Maybe you can close this after you have examined the current implementations for PointSet and Surface.

@goetzm: just out of curiosity: this looks like something where a bug + fix is available. Could you share why this is closed 'Wontfix'?

This is a quite old bug (From 2013). If i remember right, it has been already solved by other bugs over time, as also indicated by marcos last comment.

I cleaned by Task-list, found this bug, I'm pretty sure it is resolved / no longer needed / or no more valid. So non of the reasons had a 100% fit, and i decided to go for Wonfix, although i'm happy to change the status is needed.

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