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Change dependent files to work with the new concept
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Some classes are not working anymore due to the changes that have been made in D212 (e.g. missing QmitkRenderWindow include, function call to non-existing function):

  • EnableStandardLevelWindow and DisableStandardLevelWindow have been removed from the StdMultiWidget since the level window widget is now controlled by the multi widget editor
    • there is a public method in the StdMultiWidgetEditor called ShowLevelWindowWidget that can be used instead (with true or false)
  • QmitkFunctionality now works with a QmitkAbstractMultiWidget instead of a QmitkStdMultiWidget
  • QmitkStdMultiWidget does not include the QmitkRenderWindow and the QmitkLevelWindowWidget anymore
  • the QmitkMultiWidgetLayoutManager has to be used to change the layout of a multi widget