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Refactoring QmitkChartExample
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Modify the GUI in order to make it more intuitive. Also adding some new features such as updating existing data.

Additional todos:
T26069: Logarithmic axis scaling display problems
T26070: Stacked Data ignores set chart type

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j762e triaged this task as Low priority.Oct 29 2019, 4:23 PM
j762e created this task.

I started reviewing the plugin.
Things I found will be directly mentioned in comments in your commits.

However, there are some things that I would like you to check which were not written by you. In order to finalize the refactoring of this plugin, it makes sense to change these things as well:

  • check files.cmake to remove needles lines (e.g. set(SRC_CPP_FILES)
  • check MODULE_DEPENDS inside the CMakeLists.txt - are both mentioned modules required?
  • see how files / classes are normally named in plugins, e.g. QmitkDataManagerView.cpp
    • please rename the ChartExample-class (also check files.cmake and plugin.xml)

Please make sure to have newlines at the end of your source code files (see

Sooner then later I have to restart on reworking the ChartWidget due to performance problems when transfering data to the java script side. Currently each line is communicated on its own and this communication has an overhead. Paied for every graph line on an update it is a serious performance bump that impacts usability e.g. in the perfusion context.

Do you know who long your rework in the ChartWidget will take? If possible I would like to avoid to parallel developments and then having a forseeable merge trouble.

We want to merge the recent changes into master this week. Most changes were done inside the chartexample-plugin but we will update this task as soon as our work here is done.

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