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DICOM SEG - DicomSegIO should just use properties of the passed segmentation object
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Status: curently the implementation of the writer completly relies on the property "referenceFiles" (containing the file names of the source images) and on the existance of the source image files. This is the root of many problemes and also discussed in several tasks (i.a. T26827 T26820).

Solution: Go the "hard" way and not rely on (external) files as
To solve this we rely on the fact that the segmentation containes all the needed information as properties of the data object (in the way it would be stored in DICOM/ if possible directly as DICOM tags). (but this is the job of other tasks; see e.g. T26950 which would ensure that as part of the relation if we generate new segmentations).

The IO should then use the properties and build up a DcmItem* instance that can be passed to the respected DCMQI convert function ->so no need for files.

*: Currently DCMQI uses DcmDataset in the function signature. But only using DcmItem stuff (see also So the API looks like it needs files but it is (most likely) not the case. The issue 390 should be fixed in order to ensure that we not build upon implementation details. But currently I would assume it and just go.

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 23 2019, 2:54 PM