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[Checklist] GUI test data originates from different sources
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Data in checklists originate from

  • Networkdrive -> Old 3M3 folder
  • MITKData
  • ...

and often no information is given (example: ImageRendering --> Thomas K mini3D ?)

Should we define one (open) accessible folder with:

  • Demo data
  • GUI test data
  • Unittest data

Should we use MITKData as storage?

Should we (re-)think "suitable" test data? Otherwise 90% of the checklists might be tested with Pic3D.nrrd

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I set the priority to high because we defined that having appropriate data at a reachable location is one of the most pressing issues when it comes to manual GUI tests.

We also decided to include more and foremost 4D test data and openly accessible test data.
We can also think about synthetic test data.

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Obviously it was not clear what we are expecting here so I will close this task and refer to two new tasks for the specific topics mentioned here: