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Workarround for the OpenGL context menu crash
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As a mitigation strategy we should prevent QmitkNodeSelectionButten to repaint if it is triggered due to a change of the "selected" property. That should prevent all (so far) known constelations that lead to the repaint based OpenGL errors.

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In D241#5497, @kalali wrote:

I still get the error but it's currently hard to reproduce it. It happened when I changed the selection (listener mode) to a label set image when opening a context menu on the segmentation after the parent node was selected.

But, you are right. This is a case I haven't thought of. And it is really a problem. I do not see any possiblity to detect this situation properly.

This leaves us with following options (as long as no solution comes up):

  1. Don't use the new selection widgets
  2. The widget do not actualize them self
  3. We cut the connection as listeners to prevent that propblem

I want to discuss it. For me #1 is not an option.

Closed task and merged changes that optimized the thumbnail update of the selection widgets due to changes in the data.