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Remove MaterialProperty
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MaterialProperty is obsolete, now simple data type properties are used instead.

remove MaterialProperty, replace all code that uses it with equivalent code that uses the new properties.

currently, "mitkMaterialProperty.h" is included in 40 files in the repository!

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Isn't this property deleted yet?

has to be still done,

care has to be taken for the aliasing of the MaterialProperty members to the standard dataobject properties.

[SVN revision 21405]
FIX (#2709): removal of MaterialProperty

[SVN revision 21406]
COMP (#2709): false commit

[SVN revision 21407]
COMP (#2709): false commit

[SVN revision 21408]
COMP (#2709): false commit

[SVN revision 21412]
FIX (#2709): updated surfaceVtkMapper3D doxygen documentation to match the new property scheme for materials

[SVN revision 21458]
FIX (#2709): add "color" and "opacity" as default properties

One line of code was mistakenly removed and did not add the default shader properties. Is another core request needed for this?

[SVN revision 23106]
FIX (#2709): add the default shader properties in SurfaceVtkMapper3D::SetDefaultPropertiesForVtkProperty()