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PlanarFigureMaskGenerator::GetPrincipalAxis() is too pedantic
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Status: Currently we have data sets that are not able to generate the statistics with planar figures.

Reason: PlanarFigureMaskGenerator::GetPrincipalAxis() (Line 369) compares the result (crossmultiplication between the normal vector of the planar and the axis of the image) against 1 and only allows a differencw of mitk::eps (which could be very pedantic).

In the concrete case the result was 0.99995574500963513 instead of 1.

The question is, if this is not close enough for the PlanarFigureMaskGenerator?

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floca created this task.Wed, Feb 12, 6:37 PM
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kislinsk renamed this task from PlanarFigureMaskGenerator::GetPrincipalAxis() is to pedantic to PlanarFigureMaskGenerator::GetPrincipalAxis() is too pedantic.Wed, Feb 12, 6:40 PM
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discussion result: Use a larger epsilon in the generator. Document the reason why mitk::eps was not used and refere to this task.