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Remove not working buttons of the Menu Widget and show the menu just in a defined region
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To clean up the menu widget for 3M-3 we will remove all not working menu buttons (split widget horizontal/vertical, close widget) of the QmitkRenderWindowMenu.
Furthermore, the widget shouldn't be visible all the time, because the renderer need to render twice when the menu widget is visible.

Event Timeline

[SVN revision 19609]
CHG (#2714): define region of visibility of the menu widget. In 2D Render Windows the region is defined in the upper region of each window. In 3D in the upper right corner. The show/hide Event moved from enter-/leaveEvent to MouseEvent.

[SVN revision 19610]
CHG (#2714): Implementation of all buttons without any functions are removed. Now, the menu Widget contains only three working functions: CrossHairMode, FullScreen and Property list for changing the layout design.

The zip-file includes two patches of the changes to revision 19609 and 19610. Furthermore it includes the original cpp and header of the QmitkRenderWindowMenu WITH the not-working buttons. For the case, the function "split widget horizontal, split widget vertical and close widget" will be implemented in next time, the old icons and implementation can be used from this files.

[SVN revision 19682]
CHG (#2714): instantiate m_Layout with 0, for showing the menuWidget when no Layout was set before.