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Core changes for "(3M3) Make volume visualization more user friendly and usable"
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Markus, could you please split up this application related bug into smaller ones and describe your plans in more detail? Your change request does not make clear how/why any core classes are affected.

[SVN revision 19662]
CHG (#2727): explained in detail in changerequest 2727

[SVN revision 19764]
CHG (#2727): reverted renderingmanager use 2 lod levels instead of 1 (means no), removed legacy localizer code

[SVN revision 19766]
COMP (#2727): removed debug message

[SVN revision 19791]
ENH (#2727): added MR_GENERIC internal MITK preset

[SVN revision 20136]
FIX (#2727): fixed legacy VolumeDataVtkMapper3D to not use lod level 2

[SVN revision 20408]
FIX (#2727): dark gradient background for better results with volumerendering

[SVN revision 20424]
FIX (#2727): brighter gradient background

[SVN revision 20542]
ENH (#2727): better CT Generic default TransferFunction

[SVN revision 20628]
FIX (#2727): added new presets/ gpu defaults to on / lod defaults to off