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Application Frame 3M-3
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[SVN revision 19889]
ENH (#2773): added more bundles to the 3M-3 CMakeLists.txt

[SVN revision 19947]
ENH (#2773): add DataManager to 3M-3 CMakeLists.txt; am I the only one who uses this bundle?

[SVN revision 19967]
ENH (#2773): changed CMakeLists.txt

[SVN revision 20509]
FIX (#2773): Using activated/deactivated instead hidden/visible in views

[SVN revision 20512]
FIX (#2773): Image Navigator does not inherit from QmitkFunctionality anymore in order that other views can use the Activated/Deactivated functions

[SVN revision 20642]
ENH (#2773): Added "Check for updates" functionality