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[Segmentation] Fast Marching 3D Tool can not clear preview segmentation masks
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The "Checkliste Segmentierung - 3D Segmentierung" states that a preview segmentation mask will be removed if the clear button is pressed. Instead, only the set seed point will be removed.
To reproduce:

  1. Open a 3D dataset
  2. Acitvate the Fast Marching 3D segmentation tool
  3. Set a seed point and wait until the mask has been generated
  4. Click "Clear" and see how only the seed point will be removed

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So I looked into it and the function behind the clear button actually is called OnClearSeeds so I was wondering what the expected result should be

  1. remove the seed point(s) but leave the green preview segmentation
  2. remove the seed point(s) and the green preview segmentation to start all over again

Note: Using the Fast Marching 2D tool the green preview segmentation will indeed be removed. In the 3D case the green preview will actually be removed after the clear button has been pressed, only if a new seed-point is set (and a new green preview segmentation is generated).

I vote for option (2).
If we stick with (1) the button-description should be modified (which says Clear current result and start over again) and be consistent with the 2D tool (so change the behavior there).

It basically seems as if some m_FastMarchingFilter->Modified(); or similar is missing, after the seed points have been removed (to trigger the new green preview segmentation, which would be empty without seed points).

Edit: The update is correctly trigered.
There was actually a change made to the fast marching tool 3D such that it is now checking !m_SeedContainer->empty() inside an update. This container is obviously empty if the seed points have been removed so no fast marching will be performed and thus the filters will not be applied, the output will not be regenerated.

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