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[Segmentation] Warnings in utilities view are inconsistent
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While extending the corresponding checklist I realized some inconsistencies in the warning messages if no or wrong data was loaded in the data selection widgets.

Also, some utilities check the validity of data (dimensions / geometry) after a operation-perform button was clicked (e.g. Boolean Operations), some check the validity directly after data selection (e.g. Image Masking).
The new selection-concept (node selection dialog) also allows to set node-predicates and check the validity of a node selection even before the selection was done.

We should discuss the best concept and be consistent inside the utilities view (and update the description in the checklist accordingly).

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kalali triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 26 2020, 11:07 AM
kalali created this task.
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We should discuss if it makes sense to make these warnings consistent if we eventually merge both Utilities views into one (as mentioned by @s349i).

However, some inconsistencies withing a single view for different operations still need to be cleaned / fixed (e.g. when checking for valid data selection).

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Will be resolved/obsolete with current utilitie rework-