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Officially support MITK using system Qt
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If MITK is delivered as a dockerized application there is no easy way to download Qt automatically during the build process. Interaction with the Qt Company did not provide a solution either for complete open source activities like Kaapana (internal)

One workaround the worked surprisingly well was the change to use the Ubuntu System Qt packages.

I would like to propose and discuss if we could add at least one Ubuntu-based configuration to the CI which actively checks this works, both for build and packaging process.

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As it already works (?) and we will stay at least another year with Qt 5 we can do this. But in general, do you know of the new Qt Installer Framework with command-line interface? It's much easier now to install Qt with a single command and there are a few possibilities to provide credentials if that's an issue. See here for examples:

Thank. New command-line interface looks nice, but the challenge is where to put the credentials, especially if you want to put the script open source like in the Kaapana dockerfiles.

For internal CI @gao got the ok from Qt Company to use a "dummy user", but of course the credentials stay internal in that case. Putting them online was actually one blocker for publishing MITK-based stuff in the Kaapana release.

Yes, I also think it works, but as with all installer related things I think without CI it could break unnoticed sooner or later

yes exactly, the problem with the scripted version, ist still, that it is necessary to provide credentials. That was fine, as long we were the only ones creating the containers.
The version of @nolden downloading the packages in ubuntu allows others to just build the container, without having to provide credentials at all.

I understand. :-) Just wanted to give you more options to think about as it is probably only a temporal solution. Sooner or later (currently read "later"), our minimum version requirements won't match again with the OS-provided Qt version. So we cannot run away from it forever I guess. :D

@kislinsk anyone from the MITK CI team who could take over?

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