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I/O handling of folder/subfolder structures and automatic scene creation
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For the annotation tool in the SuSi context, the clinicians requested I/O handling of folder structures.

The final goal should be to reduce the overhead of the different existing steps prior to segmentation (select an image, create a session, create a layer, create a label, load a preset)

  • Labelset preset should be loaded / set for entire image stacks automatically and not for each segmentation separately
  • Final workflow should consist of one image + segmentation at a time (ref. Flow workbench), ideally directly only showing the axial view plus the label preset
  • It should be possible to select folders from which images are automatically loaded one by one to reduce user interaction and error-prone parts (like the not-yet-existing autoselect.
  • If the workbench is capable of loading on image and segmentation at a time, meta data like the duration could be recorded for each at a top level

This idea was extracted from the annotation tool space study. Clear requirements need to be defined.

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this is partially alread covered or will be covered by T29159.