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Severe memory leak in Segmentation: Shape Model part
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Shape models and meta data are not freed from memory when deselecting a model.
This leads to a memory overflow on my computer quite quickly with large models (third one crashes with alloc failure).
Hannes, you have to clean up a lot of things to totally remove all model meta data, maybe we can have a look at this tomorrow?
For the most cases (Segmentation Filter, Wrapper, Image pyramid etc.) I already implemented cleanup methods.

Event Timeline

[SVN revision 20313]
FIX (#3003): Add ClearData method for ShapeModelData

[SVN revision 20317]
FIX (#3003): Make ClearData method public

[SVN revision 20318]
CHG (#3003): added a method for cleaning up the segmentation filter

[SVN revision 20322]
FIX (#3003): Clean up Shape Model Data after usage. Mostly fixes this problem.

[SVN revision 20359]
FIX (#3003): Try to reset the ShapeModelGeometry3D when cleaning ShapeModelData